July 31, 2011

The Five Minute Makeover

It's hard to believe we only moved into our house a month ago.  My husband, Scott and I were just saying how it feels like we have lived here forever - it truly feels like home.
Since there are a ton of things I want to do to make each room feel special, cozy and like us I will be sharing all the before and after photos (we made some pretty dramatic changes) a bit later.
Here is just one small makeover I did after a recent trip to Target.  Our laundry tiny space room connects the family room to the garage and has become the main entry into our house.  The washer and dryer left from the previous owners were in great condition but the scratched tops and overall plainness of something that is seen so often was starting to get to me -- so what to do?!

Decals! I picked these babies up yesterday for $4.98 each  - down from $9.99 - score! There were several to choose from but I was drawn to the vibrant colors and thought they would look great against the stark white of the appliances.  I also liked the fact that they are replaceable - aka mistake proof - and that I could wrap them around the sides and corners of the machines.  Drum roll please.



Overall I'm pretty happy with how they look - a little bit of whimsy in an otherwise dull space.  I also love that every time my 2 year old goes in the laundry room she says "Flowers!".  This little upgrade has inspired me to brighten up this room even more - maybe some paint, new shelving...we'll see.

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