August 25, 2011

Almost No Sew Fabric Flower Tutorial

Make a sweet little fabric flower with very, very little sewing ~ just a button in the center! 

Use the template below to cut out 2 large flowers and 3 small flowers.  Be sure to cut the small slits marked with dotted lines.

Layer the two large flowers on top of each other.  Fold the small flowers in half, and place on top, overlapping slightly.
Add a button, and you are finished ~ so cute!

This one is from my Etsy store.
Add more layers of petals for extra fullness.

Template for flowers:

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ashley said...

Thanks for the tutorial! I have a friend who does hoop art that will love this idea!! New follower EBT!

Check out mine at:

Kendra & Patricia said...

Thx Ashley! Just looked at your site and your Etsy shop - love them both : )

Eva said...

how cute :)

ioana said...

I love the fabric flowers!
I'm the new folower (EBT)

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