August 2, 2011

Embroidered Initial with Fabric Mat Tutorial

I wanted to make something special for my newest grandchild, Hadley, so I decided that I would embroider her initial.  I used thread to match her new curtains.  All went well until it was finished, and I realized that I had not decided what to make with it ~ definitely not like me!  My first idea was a pillow..... and then I found an unused white frame.  The decision was made!

Supplies needed:
   White fabric  (9 1/2" x 8") ~ I used cotton
   Appleton crewel wool embroidery yarn to match your fabric
     border (embroidery floss would also work)
   An 8x10 frame
   Fabric strips: 2 (8"x3") 2 (12 1/2"x3")
   Sewing machine
   Rotary cutter or scissors  
   Water erasable pen
   Double sided tape (optional)

Embroidery section:
   Make your initial design. I used Annabel Script at
     500pt to make my letter "h."
   Once you have printed your design, tape it to a well lit
     window and tape your white fabric on top ~ center
     the letter the best you can. 
   Using an water dissolvable pen, trace the letter.
   I used a stem stitch to embroider the outside lines first;
     then I continue to stitch using the same technique close to
     the each outside row until the entire design was filled.
     A great embroidery tutorial can be found at

Cutting and sewing:
   Cut down the white fabric with your design to measure
     7 1/2 " x 6"
   Sew the two shorter strips of fabric to the top and bottom of
     your design piece.  (All seams are 1/4")

  Press the seams away from the white fabric.
  Sew the two longer strips to the sides. 

  Again, press away from the white fabric.

  Center your completed piece onto the frame's cardboard insert.

  Tape the top and bottom securely to the back of the cardboard.
 Miter the corners of the sides, and tape securely.

♥  Put it into the frame, and ENJOY! ♥

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me! Pin It

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Mimi and Tilly said...

I found you via "Made" today, your blog header designs for Made are gorgeous! So glad to find you. Em x

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