August 11, 2011

Ribbon Flower Tutorial

Almost anything can be decorated with a ribbon or fabric flower ~ they are so popular on clothing, pillows, headbands, and wall art.

For my tutorial, I have added overlapping ribbon and a ribbon covered button.
Supplies :
12" x 12" square of fabric
Two 12" ribbon strips
One 66" ribbon strip
Fabric button kit (optional)

Use a long running stitch down one edge of the long strip of ribbon.

When you reach the end, leave the needle in place and begin pulling the thread slowly gathering the ribbon.

Starting at one end, begin to roll your ribbon into the center of your flower.  As you add each layer, the ribbon will be a little more relaxed. 

When your flower is complete, turn it over and begin to tack the layers to one another.

Turn it over.  I used a fabric button kit (available at Joann's) to make a checked center for my flower.  Buttons are also a great option.

Place one of your two 12" strips of ribbon two inches from one edge of your fabric.  If you are using satin ribbon, pin only at the ends ~ pin marks will show. Sew both sides.
Add your second 12" strip overlapping the first one (again two inches from the edge of the fabric).  Sew in place.

Sew your flower onto the fabric.

Now you can decide how you want to use your finished project!

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Paige (Final Clothes-Out) said...

Very cute! And easy enough for a needle novice like me.

Sher said...

I never thought to do this. How cute!

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