October 13, 2011

25 DIY Pumpkin Ideas

Halloween and Thanksgiving are just around the corner ~ definitely time for pumpkins!  If you don't enjoy carving pumpkins, here are 25 creative ideas for you
velvet pumpkins

bookpage pumpkins
paper pumpkins

flowerpot pumpkins

paper pumpkins
tumbtack pumpkins

reese's peanut butter pumpkins

sparkly pumpkins

fencepost pumpkins

mod paper pumpkins

chevron pumpkins

silver faux pumpkins

wire pumpkins

balloon pumpkins

stencils pumpkins

toilet paper pumpkins

craft sticks puzzle pumpkins

cupcake pumpkins

crackled foam pumpkins

button pumpkins

And even recycled pantyhose pumpkins

paper plate pumpkins

card stock pumpkins

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Duni said...

So many cute and clever ideas!
I love the bookpage one!

ConnieLou said...

What a great selection! I vote for the card stock pumpkin (but the silver pumpkins are so classy!).

Jennifer said...

I have been looking for cute pumpkin ideas! I love these! :)

SibStudio said...

What a great collection of pumpkins!
I love the velvet pumpkins!

Amanda said...

What fun ideas! I recently posted some fabric pumpkins that I made on my blog, but I think I'm going to have to go back and try some of these projects as well! :)

AsteropeBC said...

You have some really neat ideas here. I will have to show my kids in the morning.

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