February 7, 2012

A Powder Room with Punch - Makeover Part One

So this is the little room responsible for my newest online addiction, Olioboard.  It took me about two weeks and less than $50 to pull everything together and complete the room. 
Just to refresh your memory, below is the mood board I orginally created. 

These were just ideas/colors I liked and thought would work.

Here is my "real" mood board:

You can see a few items changed but the overall color scheme and theme stayed pretty much the same.

My inspiration for the powder room was pink and gold.  I have been fixated on gold polka dots recently after seeing this and this and decided to give it a try on the walls.  I'd always thought I would put up a big, bold wallpaper print in this room since it is so small but these metallic gold stickers were a cheaper, less time consuming alternative.

Here are a few before and after shots:

Sorry about the lighting in some of the photos.  It's hard to get a photo good in the space because it's small and there is no natural light so I need to have the lights on (which I hate to do in photos) and that created a bit of a glare in some of the shots.

I'll do a follow up post later this week about what I spent my money on and a few of the DIY projects.

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1 comment:

Kerry said...

LOVE the gold on the walls! Looking forward to reading more about your diys + how you pulled it altogether!

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