March 27, 2012

STEAL/DEAL! - $38 Madwell Tee for $2.19

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time you know I love a good deal and I hate spending money.  I rarely buy anything (online or elsewhere) without a coupon or promo code of some sort.  It must be my inner cheapo but just can't stand paying full price! So this is a new series we're starting where we will share the details of a purchase we made and saved a lot of money on.

I love Madwell - the edgier, less preppy sister of J  Crew.  I recently signed up to receive their catalog and when it came the other day there was a sweet surprise inside - a $25 gift card with absolutely no restrictions (no minimum). 

Now I figured that there would be little that I could get - that I would actually want -  for that amount since their prices are pretty much line with J Crew but I thought I would take a look and see what the Sale section had in store.

Transmission Tee in Traffic Red. Soft, pretty and a color I normally wouldn't gravitate toward.

This tee was on sale for $28.50 (down from $38) but with shipping and tax it would have been around $37 and with my $25 gift card $12.  I know what you're thinking, $12 is not a bad price, but I guess I was thinking I didn't really need it and wouldn't have even been looking for it had it not been for the enticement of the free $25.  So I held off.   Good thinking, because the next day I received an email from Madewell - because I created an account on their site - for 10% off and free shipping on my next order (again with no limitations)! STEAL! DEAL!

So here's the math:
$28.50 (tee on sale from $38)
-$2.85 (10% off promo code)
+ $8.50 (shipping )
-$8.50 (free shipping promo - same as above)
+$1.54 (tax)
-$25.00 (promo gift card in catalog)
$2.19 (price paid!)

Now had there been something I wanted or needed I would have waited and put the $25 and promo codes to better use.  But since they both expired at the end of the month I figured it would be a use or lose situation for me. 

Me in the Tee.  It's a little more orangey pink than red, but still pretty great for the price!

A few other things from their Spring 2012 collection that I would love to come live with me:

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