July 10, 2012

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Love

I so totally want one of these gorgeous trees!  It really makes a room feel lush and alive and happy.  I thinking of putting one in an empty little corner in our bedroom.


I've read that all they need is a sunny room in order to thrive and our bedroom gets plenty of sun.  I'm hoping I can find one at Home Depot, I know other people have had luck getting a small one there for under $20.  So we'll see...
And the winner of our pillow giveaway is.......The Coyle Family!!
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Tia Timoteo said...

Aside from the beauty a magnolia tree provides, its extract has been used across centuries as herbal medicine. In fact, the Chinese people use magnolia trees extracts as a form of anti-bacterial medicine. :)

~ Tia Timoteo

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