December 4, 2012

DIY Advent Calendar

Last year I wanted to make an advent calendar but got started a little too late and it just didn't happen.  This year, I was inspired by this pin and ordered my supplies early enough to create an easy, inexpensive calendar that looks cute and the girls love.

I used small polka dot kraft bags, mini clothespins, red and white baker's twine and a bunch of stickers from Michaels.

The supplies.
I painted an old frame with leftover Moonshine paint and stapled five rows of twine onto the back .

 Then I added the stickers - spelling out the numbers on some to  mix it up.

I filled the little bags with candy, crafts, stickers and other trinkets that I would Layla like.  Hadley enjoys watching her open them.

Lastly, I used the min clothespins hang the bags from the twine.

I love it and it's fun to watch Layla run up to it each morning totally excited to see what her next "surprise" will be! Pin It

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