February 13, 2013

Happy Heart Day!

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!  Gearing up for the big day I started to notice how many hearts we had hanging (some literally) around the house.
From top left: 1. Heart teaspoon set (we also have the cup set) Target dollar section 2. I purchased the full pdf set of characters from Caravan before Christmas and made blocks for Hadley. 3. Painted heart by Layla. I always look forward to what art will be in her bag after a day of school - this one proudly hangs on our pantry door. 4. A little heart box - another Target dollar section find. 5. Pretty barrette from Layla and Hadley's grandma (Scott's Mom) she bought a set for both girls - along with the adorable outfits you see below.  6. Heart straws - these make drinking milk so much fun. 7. Foam heart "glasses" - you guessed it Target dollar section.   

It's not secret that I love finding new uses for things so when my Mom was getting rid of this cardboard log (that held candy from Crate and Barrel) I brought it home with us and sealed it with a little heart sticker. 

My lovelies.

Hope you have a lovely magical day!

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