March 26, 2013

Tuesday Instagrams

Good Morning! Well I hope it's a good morning for you at least - I have one sick little girl and I'm a bit under the weather myself so I thought I would share a couple Instagrams I've taken over the last month...and then I'll be joining my girls on the couch for a marathon day of Charlie and Lola!

This what it looked like here in the beginning of March.

And this is what it looked like yesterday!?

Lots of pretty tissue paper.

Turns into lots of pretty pom flowers!

Layla's birthday party is this weekend - been pretty busy getting ready for that!

A red balloon, streaming sunshine and my pretty girl.

And my sweet little Hadley had her first haircut last night.  She sat quiet and still the whole time:)
Fingers crossed we're all feeling better soon!
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