July 1, 2013

Blueberry Pickin Weekend

Hi there!  So we had been meaning to get to a local farm to do some blueberry picking for the last two weeks.  Finally the star aligned (two happy kids + two awake parents) and we made the 15 minute drive the Homestead Farm to fill up on big, warm, sweet blueberries.  I remember picking strawberries when I was younger and picking blueberries was much easier...the bushes were big so you didn't even have to bend over to find good ones!!

Layla loved picking almost as much as she loved sampling one (or five) berries....Hadley like it for about the first 5 minutes then she was ready to run.  So it was a good thing it only took us about 20 minutes to fill up all of our containers and head back (tractor ride!) to the farmer's market area and pick out some veggies and more fruit. 

We also stopped to see a few of the animals - the baby goat was the cutest and ate right out of Layla's hand! 

Our first box from our Summer to do list has been checked off!
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