January 23, 2014

An Easy Fabric Desk Blotter ~ DIY

For years I have purchased a calendar for the top of my desk ~ just seemed so very boring.  For 2014, I thought I would make my own blotter and add some color to the room.

From this ....

....to this!

2 sheet of poster board ~ I used a medium thickness.
spray adhesive
 extra fabric and elastic (optional)

Cut the two pieces of poster board into your desired size ~ I used my old calendar as a guide.

Iron your fabric.  Cut your fabric 3" longer and 3" wider than your poster board.  I used a chevron print, so I was very careful to make sure that the design was even.

Spray one of the poster boards with adhesive, and carefully (and slowly) add your fabric.  Fold your extra 1 1/2" around the back of the board, and glue in place.

Fold in the edges ~ like wrapping a gift (:

For the elastic fabric ~
I used elastic that was 1/2" wide, so I cut my extra fabric (pictured in pink stripes) 3" wide and twice the length of my board.  (The height of my board was 17", so I cut my fabric 34" x 3").

Fold the fabric right side together, and sew a narrow 1/4" seam.

Now to turn it right side out.  I put a small pin at the top of one of the small edges and worked the pin though the fabric until the pin came out the other end.  If you pull slowly, the fabric will follow.

Use the same pin at the top of your elastic, and pull it though the fabric.

Pull the elastic so that your fabric is tight and fits onto your board with about 1/2" to fold around the back.  You want the elastic to be "springy"! (You may have to trim.)
Tape the elastic securely in place ~ I put mine about 2 1/2" from one of my edges.

Now spray the back of the poster board with adhesive, and glue on your second board.  This makes a finished look.

And now you can admire your colorful blotter! ♥

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