February 25, 2014

A Dollhouse Makeover

Hi there! Arrggh! Another snowy day here.  Ready for warm weather already! 

Today, I'm sharing a little mini makeover I did to the amazing dollhouse my parents gave the girls for Christmas this year.  All it needed was a little bit of wallpaper (scrapbook paper) a stair runner (washi tape) a few throw rugs (more scrapbook paper) and a family to enjoy it (painted wooden pegs).

Here's what the dollhouse looked like BEFORE:

I picked up a few sheets of scrapbook paper from Micheals ($.24/each).  And started tracing and cutting.

Dollhouse AFTER:

Land of Nod offers a décor kit for the house but I liked the idea of choosing my own patterns and colors and being able to change them out whenever we want.  I also really liked the idea not spending $50!!

Layla and spent one evening a few weeks ago painting (10) girl peg dolls.  We also have a family of dolls too.


Below are the ones I painted.  Layla's were already all over the house!!

Have a warm day!!
Kendra Pin It

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