March 26, 2014

Wishlist Wednesday - The Land of Nod

Hi there - long time no see?  Last week was pretty much one of the worst I've had in a long time...everyone in our family got the stomach flu starting with Layla, then Hadley, then Scott. 

I played nurse and thought I was invincible, since it seemed like I wasn't going to get me...until it did on Saturday night. 

I got to spend Sunday in bed - which normally I would have loved - except feeling that sick took the laziness and comfort out of it completely.  Anyway we are all back to normal and hopefully the blog will start chugging along again!

Land of Nod is one my favorite stores and they have lots of new cute things in their Easter/Spring line - so I thought I'd pick a few of my favorite to share with you today:

Easter Party Kit

Bunny Lamp

Cute book

Jute Bunny Bag

Oh Bunny Art Print

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