April 7, 2014

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl

My lovely Layla turned 5 on Friday - I'm still in shock over it!  My little girl has changed so much in the past year and 5 years old always seemed so far away - such a big milestone that I cannot even believe it's here.  Kindergarten registration is in a month...time is just moving too quickly.  For me at least.  She regularly talks about all the things she can't wait to do when she gets older - like chewing bubble gum, wearing high heels and driving - she actually asked me the other day when I would be teaching her to drive?!? I know that time will come too soon too.  But for now I'm cherishing the millionth rendition of 'Let It Go', endless pushes on the swing and rubbing her arm until she falls asleep at night. 

She is the love of my life.  I'm sad she's getting older but not that she's growing up. 
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