April 24, 2014

Thursday Library Run

Ahhh Thursday how I love you!!  I get a few hours alone, while both girls are at school, and I can do whatever I like.  Usually that entails running errands that are easier done solo but sometimes I hit up a thrift store or the library where I take my time browsing up and down each aisle without having chase/yell after little girls!

Today, I picked up the two books below - along with this one based on my lovely sister Lori's recommendation. 

Yay for books!!

I'm super excited to let Layla and Hadley pick out a craft to try out each day - they look simple enough and the directions and photos are great.  I'm also on a handweaving kick lately, hence the pattern book! Ever since discovering this shop and falling in love with this piece I decided to give it a try myself.  I'll probably try something small first but eventually would love to create a huge piece to hang above our stairs.  I'll keep you posted on that!

Have happy day!!
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