July 22, 2014

A Little Layla Room Update

Hi!  With all the work going on in Hadley's new room I thought it only fair to share a few new snaps of Layla's room!

I added some 3-D flowers (from the Oh Joy Spring collection) to the wall  for a little more color and shine (I love the gold ones!)  And every couple of months I hang something new above her bed on a string of fishing line.  During the Winter is was snowflakes, in February we did hearts and now we have big puffy flowers. 

When Spoonflower offers a free swatch of fabric (usually when they are introducing a new type of fabric) I take turns asking the girls what they like and then I search for fabric based on that.  Last month Layla picked mermaids so I found this adorable fabric and the swatch has been hanging on the lamp on her dresser ever since!

Her room is still my favorite in the house...: ) Pin It

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