March 30, 2015

Getting Ready for Easter

Hello!  We are hosting Easter brunch again this year and for the last week or two I have been prepping for it.  It's a fun, relaxed family day where all 20 of us are in the same place at the same time  - for a few hours at least.  There will be lots of food, simples dishes like this that can be started the night before so the morning of isn't so crazy,  followed by an egg hunt for the kids. 

These little guys are serving as food descriptions.  I printed and then cut out a bunny template ( similar here), glued on a cotton ball tail and a pennant made out of two small post it notes and a toothpick! 
I'll write the description of each dish on the pennant  - once I finalize our menu!

Little name cards held with pretty binder clips from the Target dollar section.

Plastic buckets filled with a few things for the kids and ready for egg collecting!

And everything else!!

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