August 4, 2011

Free Style Applique Bird Hoop

After ordering a swatch of  Premier Prints Barber Candy Pink/Black, I realized that it really did not match any of my decor.  I loved the bird, but the pink didn't work.  Using just the black bird in a wooden embroidery hoop could be a cute addition to my collage wall (to be displayed in a future post♥).  I decided to incorporate free style embroidery, and I was happy with the results.

  3 fabrics of your choice ~ these can be cut and arranged as you like ~ I used one 10"x10" and two 6"x6"
  (They were larger than I would end up needing, but I wanted flexibility.)
  Heat and Bond  paper
  Sewing machine with free style foot or you could hand embroider
  8" wooden embroidery hoop
  Double sided interfacing (for the back of the hoop)
  Water erasable pen

   Once you have selected the fabrics, iron Heat Bond to the back of the bird design.

  Sew your three fabrics together using a 1/4" seam.  Press the seams open.

  Decide the placement for the bird.  Using a water erasable pen, trace around the bottom half of the bird.
   (This is going to be embroidered with a free style method, so it doesn't have to be perfect.)
  Cut off the part of the design that you have traced.   

  Now the fun part!  Lower the feed dogs on your machine, attach your embroidery foot, hold the fabric taunt, and just sew around your traced pattern.  It shouldn't look perfect ~ that's the whole idea!
  If you do not have the option to embroider with a machine, do it by hand ~ you will get the same effect!
  Using your hoop as a guide, trace the circle onto both the double sided interfacing and a piece of your fabric.  Cut out both.

    Iron the fabric to the interfacing using the manufacturer's directions.
    Place your completed piece into the wooden hoop, and add the backing.  Trim away the excess.


 ♥  It is ready for immediate display ~ ENJOY! ♥

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Pin It

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