August 5, 2011

Found - Vine Floral and Event Design

I have always known that I'm truly blessed with an amazing family.  And within that family are some incredibly talented people.  One of those is my sweet and lovely sister-in-law, Emily.  She and my brother, Billy, will celebrate their 6 year anniversary on August 20th. 

Doesn't this look straight out of a J Crew catalog? Love!
I was lucky enough to be part of their big day all those years ago (that's me middle doorway on the right!) and it was then that I saw how amazing Emily was at her job.  The flowers, color palette, and overall design of her wedding was just beautiful. The following year she opened her own floral design company Vine in New York City and was immediately featured in Food and Wine Magazine, Elle and Elegant Bride - just to name a few.  Later that summer she thoughtfully created all the stunning floral centerpieces, bouquets and much more for my beachy wedding (I'll share more photos from my big day later this month)!

Sunflowers - my fav!
Gorgeous colors - right?

I asked Emily to share some of her favorite designs (see below) and to also give some tips for creating your own floral masterpiece.  Thanks Em!
Wedding centerpieces pop against against black and white.

Love the juxtaposition of the vibrant colors with the simple tin can vase! 

Just Pretty!

Simple yet sophisticated.

Five tips for making arrangements at home:

1. You don't need a specials, any kind of vessel will do - mason jars, colored glasses or tin cans look great with flowers.

2. Use clear tape to make a "grid" on the top of the vase, so your stems stay where you want them to.

3. Change the water daily so the flowers last longer.

4. If you are having a dinner party, choose flowers that are fully open (they won't last for long, but will look great that night!) any other time, choose tight buds.

5. Keep it simple...1 or 2 kinds of flowers (in a matching color palette) make more of an impact than 6 different kinds of flowers in a vase.

Last photo courtesy of STAK Photographer Duo
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