August 23, 2011

Tablecloths to Curtain Panels Take Two

Today I thought I would do a little follow up to my earlier Tablecloth to Curtain Panel post since it's been hectic around here. We just got back from a exhausting wonderful 10 day vacation split between the Hamptons (Bridgehampton, NY) and the NJ Shore (Surf City) and as much as I love being away and with family coming home to piles and piles of laundry not so much.

So while I'm up to my elbows in beach towels and baby clothes you can view the tablecloths I turned into curtain panels and put up in our family room. 

Like the ones I used in the dining room and living room, these are DwellStudio for Target 60" x 104" tablecloths and were $21/each.  I ordered these after seeing them online and thought the happy bird pattern against the white background would brighten up the room and help frame out the large (boring) sliding glass door.


The only difference this time around was I didn't need my Mom to sew them.  I simply measured and carefully cut enough off the bottom of each so they would pool on the floor so you couldn't see the raw edges.  I used drapery rings again (this time in silver) to hang them. Done!

Then I used one of the sections I cut off above the window in the kitchen.

Love how these look and if I get bored with them or want something bolder I can always switch them out and not feel guilty for wasting money since they were so inexpensive.
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Melody said...

Clever and lovely! You did a nice job!

SibStudio said...

What a great idea! My daughter has been trying to find curtains she likes that aren't too expensive for her 1st apt. This is perfect. : )

Kendra & Patricia said...

Thank you!!

Sher said...

It is always nice to come home. Great looking curtains. I always look at shower curtains and curtains when looking for fabrics. They turned out beautiful!

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