August 16, 2011

What to do with all of those Wine Corks?

Our bowl (actually it is a large vase) of wine corks was beginning to overflow ~ time to do something with them. The solution(s)~ a wine cork tray, a wine cork trivet, and a wine cork initial (tutorial follows)!

Tutorial for Wine Cork Initial

We purchased a wooden letter "C" for our last name, and my husband Bill went to work.  He is much more precise than I, so this was perfect project for him.

He painted the outer edges with black paint to match the frames in our kitchen.

He found that if he shaved a small portion off the back, the corks would sit more level on the letter.  It also let them adhere more effectively.

Starting with the straight edge, he proceded gluing the corks until he reached the curve.

At the curve at the bottom right of the C, he cut a small piece to fill in the corner.

The project took two hours to finish, but I love the result!
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pasqueflower said...

Very creative!

Paige (Final Clothes-Out) said...

I love these cork bulletin board projects! The letter is a fresh twist.

Stela said...

what great ideas! I definitely need to do this with mine!

bkuhlen said...

I love the cork initial. I've made wreaths with corks too! I also love the tablecloth panels. I can't wait to talk to Pat about my fabric and the proposed project I have in mind.
Love to you both

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