August 15, 2011

Our Kitchen - Then and Now

Happy Monday! Hope the weather is bright and sunny where you are because we are in the middle of a neverending rainfall here - joy.

As I mentioned here we closed on our house in mid-May but we didn't move in until mid-June. During that time we were busy (along with a general contractor) designing the inside of our dated 1980's abode. So today I thought I would share the remodeling progress we've made in our kitchen. 

Let me set the scene...brown laminate flooring as far as the eye could see.  A huge (weird) island with a tall backsplash that completely cut the room in half.  A giant eyesore vent hanging over said weird island making the room feel smaller. And finally dark wood cabinets with crystal ball knobs (what?) that I suspect were the previous owners attempt at "glamming" them up.  


Scott and I pretty much agreed that everything had do go except for the built-in shelves above the desk on the right - love those.  I already a vision of what I wanted the kitchen to look like - bright, clean, simple.  So we got to work picking out white cabinets - side note: I wanted to just paint the old cabinets white in order to save money and not be wasteful (ugly yes but still functional) but after discussing this with our contractor we realized there wasn't much of a price difference to have them strip, sand and paint the cabinets compared with buying new ones.  Now the old cabinets (with their glam knobs) have a new home in our garage as Scott's tool storage.

Next we decided on butcher block countertops - I have always loved how wood looks in a bright white kitchen and we were able  to get all of these ourselves after a few (too many) trips to Ikea. We also picked up something I have been coveting forever - a big farmhouse sink.

Bright shiny subway tile was next on list for the backsplash, hardwood floors and new appliances replaced their dated counterparts.  Lastly new paint - blue.  And that was it, well not really but for now.

I'm going to call the next photo "Progress" instead of "After" because I still have a bunch of stuff left to do before I feel like the room is truly complete.  Little things like finding tea towels I like this one and these, filling the glass-front cabinets with some kind of usable collection of something - like this and this and this. Recovering the kitchen table chairs with durable fabric to save them from messy two year olds.  And the list goes on.


Some Sources:

Countertops: Ikea
Farmhouse Sink: Ikea
Subway Tile: Lowes
Faucet: Overstock
Cabinet Pulls and Knobs: Home Depot
Stainless Steel Appliances: Lowes
Cabinets and Flooring through contractor

I am a terrible terrible cook so I'm counting on the prettiness of this kitchen to make my food taste better!

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1 comment:

weird amiga said...

Interesting: the color and finish (white and wood) look similar in the before & after, yet the way you moved them around made for a very different —and better— effect.

It looks much more spacious without the "weird" ceiling block, and I love the hardwood floors!

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