September 23, 2011

Found Friday - Going Through Gramma's Attic

My mother-in-law loved to go to autions.  As a result, her home is filled with the treasures from these excurtions.  Now that she has decided to down-size her home, I have been the happy recipient of some beautiful old crocks in various shapes and sizes, as well as, a few other pieces. 

I believe that many of the crocks were used for pickling. Now I have the fun task of deciding where I will showcase them in our home.

Aren't they lovely! They look like new even though most of them are over 50 years old!

This summer Pottery Barn was selling a remake of the striped crock as a drink dispenser!

Here are the other pieces we found:

An handmade trunk that my father-in-law took to college.  Kendra is looking forward to refurbishing this!

Another project for Kendra.

Love the bright colors on this child's watering can.

Kendra will be taking this stool as well - jeeze do I get to keep anything?!
Once I find a home for the crocks and Kendra updates ALL that furniture, we'll share more photos.

Have a great weekend!

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AsteropeBC said...

It's so special when family passes down treasures. My husband's grandmothers both gave us some very nice items.

ConnieLou said...

What great finds! The crocks are wonderful...but my favorite is the little watering can.

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