September 22, 2011

Decorating the Fireplace ~ Season by Season

For my Christmas gift last year, I asked Kendra to creatively decorate my fireplace ~ something I was definitely having a hard time doing.  Most of the items she fashioned herself (I did mention that she could make something out of nothing).  Little changes were added to make it ready for spring/summer and for autumn.
I love the results!!

Winter:  Kendra and Scott cut the letter "C" and covered it with moss.  She added two sweet birds painted light green, silver votive candles, a small wreath picking up accent colors, and three black numbered buckets ~ what a warm feeling when the fire was roaring.

Spring and Summer:  Votive candles wrapped with Japanese washi tape, a few pretty vintage plates, and paint chip butterflies added a light and airy feeling.

Autumn:  White pottery with wheat bundles and a Halloween bunting that I made last year ~ and I am ready for fall.

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1 comment:

Kala said...

That is gorgeous - three different looks for the different seasons, love it:)

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