October 21, 2011

Found - A Day to Myself

Hi All!

So this isn't our usual "Found" post.  Today is my birthday(whoo hoo) and my gift from Scott included him taking the day off so I could go out and do whatever I wanted  - alone. 
Most people might not like the idea of spending a day by themselves but as a stay at home mom alone time is a rarity and doing normal things like shopping or picking up dry cleaning with two kids becomes a herculean task sometimes.

My agenda today includes:

Actually going into a Starbucks to get a chai tea instead of using the drive thru one I discovered - who knew?

Browsing ReStore for as long as like - planning to go through every section until I find something unique.

Taking my time in Target to buy a few things for the house - this will be a nice change minus the screaming 2 year old who doesn't like to ride in a shopping cart anymore.

Maybe a stop at the library to find a few books I have been wanting to read - instead of just running in to the front best seller section and picking out just anything (and usually hating it).

May seem a little boring to most but I have been counting down the days until I would be able to do all these seemingly mundane tasks ALONE.

Have lovely day and weekend!! Pin It


Patricia said...

Happy Birthday! Hope it is a special and wonderful one!

AsteropeBC said...

Happy birthday - time alone is precious when you don't ever get it. I hope you enjoy your special day.

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