November 1, 2011

An Owl, A Head, A Peace Hand & More

I think this post wins the prize for weirdest title so far!  I mentioned here that for my birthday I had a chance to do a few things on my own.  So I spent most of the day doing the thing I (recently) love doing the most - finding fun pieces to fill our house. 

Here are a few things I found:

White owl and head book ends.
Not sure if these will stay white or get a nice shiny coat of spray paint.

I couldn't pass up this pretty, elegant bird. 
Not sure where she will live yet but she totally fits in here.

The peace hand!  Not something I would normally buy but after
seeing the below picI knew some white spray paint would make
this little object a fun and quirky accent piece.

Jonathan Adler's Peace Hand above was my inspiration. 
Except mine cost $7 this one is $235!

My ReStore trip was a bust but I did pick up a
few ceramic white tiles for $.08 each.

Planning to Mod Podge either fabric or scrapbook paper onto
them for cute cheap coasters! 

So there you have it.  I actually got a huge mirror for over the couch in our family room but it needs to be painted so I will share pix of that transformation later. 

Oh and the yellow and white tissue paper "feather" above is something I just started making....not sure what to do with those yet!

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