November 8, 2011

Wicker Chair Made Pretty

So this was my Monday project - in between feeding Hadley, dancing with Layla and catching up on a million loads of laundry.  I took a brown, round wicker chair from Pier 1 (circa 2005) that has been calling our basement home - since it didn't really "go" anywhere else.   

Hi! I'm brown and boring!

Then I had the bright (white) idea to spray paint it so it could go live in Layla's (almost finished) big girl room.

Ahhh that feels better!
But I decided since it's going to be in a cute little girl's room why not try to make it a little prettier and more fun?

Note to self: don't spray paint in 50 degree weather!

Too much?  Hmmm maybe? But I think it's kinda sweet and I have been dying to try the dipped leg thing ever since I saw this.  And whatever, if I get sick of it the spray paint is only a trip to the garage away! Oh and after this I have discovered I LOVE spray painting - maybe I was a graffiti artist in a past life?:) Pin It


Gretchen {LolliandMe} said...

How lovely! I love all the layers of color! Great job!

I love to spray paint too. We had a set of wicker chairs on our front porch that were white when we bought them. I painted them a bright, high gloss red. They looked like chinese chairs! So much fun :)

Pamela Bates of Mercantile Muse said...

i don't think it's too much at all. i think it's perfectly sweet!

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