December 9, 2011

Found Friday - Needlepoint Christmas Stockings Made with ♥

The winner of our third giveway ~ "Cookies for Santa" patchwork placemat is sandyandcosmo!!

When Kendra was born, her godmother made a beautiful stocking for her.  It was so special to me that I wanted to keep up the tradition she started.  I made needlepoint stockings for Billy and Lori ~ the three were hung (and filled) every year. 

Then time passed, and our family began to grow!  I wanted my grandchildren to have their own needlepoint Christmas stockings.  As I said, time passed ~ I now have to begin the stitching in early summer to get it finished by Christmas (guess I am not as nimble as I once was)!!

Just want my three little ones to know that each stitch was done with lots of love!

Happy Friday! Don't forget, you still have time to enter our Cookies for Santa Placemat Giveaway!! Winner will be announced this afternoon!! Pin It

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Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Love needlepoint stockings! Yours are wonderful. I made one for each of my children, my husband and me and even our dog! (Not all in one year though.) I figure if I want to make them for children's spouses, maybe I should just start now and leave the name area to be filled in later!

Etsy Blog Team

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