December 11, 2011

Reindeer DIY Ornament

My third Christmas diy ornament is a Christmas ball reindeer ~ what tree is complete without Rudolph?!
No sewing is needed, just a lot of hot glue!!

Supplies used in my tutorial :
Pattern for antlers
white felt
Christmas ribbon - 28 inches
2 - 3/4 inch brown pom poms
1 - 3/4 inch red pom pom
1  - 11/2 inch brown pom pom
small pieces of chenille pipe cleaners
small decorative snowflakes
1 shiny red Christmas ball
hot glue glue

Fold the ribbon to make a bow

Tie at the center with a small piece of thread.   Hot glue the center of the bow together so that it is tight.

Make Rudoph's antlers using the pattern.  Fold on the dashed line, and glue the antlers close together near  the top center of the ball.

Add a small piece of the chenille pipe cleaner to the front and back of the antlers ~ this helps them to stand up (and covers the glue).

Now add your face.  I start with the nose just to get a center point ~ the larger brown pom pom first then the red on top.  Add his eyes.

For the finishing touches, add a snowflake to his red nose and one to an antler.
Glue the ribbon bown tighly under his nose, and he is ready to hang.

I hope that you enjoyed my three diy ornament ideas! Pin It

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Very cute! I'm a fan of projects that don't involve sewing. TFS!!

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