January 26, 2012

Layla's (Temporary) Craft and Play Table

It was tough to up come with a title for this post -  there were so many possibilities:

-How to Make Your Husband Laugh Without Really Trying
-I Really, Really Love My Glue Gun
-A Cheap (But Cute) Table Made for Zero Dollars

I think the title I chose was the most appropriate! 

So here's the deal, the table we have been trying to buy for Layla from Land of Nod has been back ordered and then back ordered again.  It was initially supposed to be a Christmas gift, and now it looks like it will be a birthday gift, that is if it's actually available before BIG number 3 in April (fingers crossed).

Now you may ask, why not just get another table, surely there are tons of white craft/tea party tables out there? My answer to you is, yes indeed there are, but I fell in love with this one because it is super sturdy, durable and will be able to grow with both of my girls.  Also it's pretty and will look nice in our front living room/kid's library.

All this waiting was making me antsy and since Layla got lots of craft supplies for Christmas I decided to take a few things that have been sitting in our garage waiting to be recycled or reused (for something, someday) and make my own.

I started with two 24" x 36" canvases that I use to paint things on since I ruined them both when we moved.  I thought doubling them up would make a good, solid table top.  For the "legs" I used the mailing tubes that Layla's Love Mae decals came in.  I kept these in case I ever needed to mail something in a tube...that has yet to happen so Scott cut them up into equal parts and voila - legs!

I bought this cute pair of wooden chairs at a DC Junior League event last Spring for $15!

I used a staple gun around the sides of the canvases to attach them to each other and a hot glue gun to adhere the legs to the underside of the bottom canvas.  This wasn't as sturdy as I would I have liked and I had visions of Layla gently placing her imaginary tea and cookies on the table and everything crashing to the ground. So Scott decided to be helpful, after 30 minutes of snarky comments, and drilled a few wood blocks into the canvas next to the legs to kind of box them in.

Layla enjoying tea at her new table. 
My budding artist's work proudly featured on the wall.

Lastly, I covered the table in white paper so Layla could draw and scribble to her heart's content.  All in all, I think this little Sunday project was a pretty nifty solution to the back ordered table situation.  And as long as it can make it through the next two months of tea parties and craft-making I will be one happy mama:)

A well worn tabletop already! Happy!

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