January 27, 2012

Found Friday - Olioboard

As if my Pinterest addiction wasn't bad enough, now I have Olioboard, an online moodboard site where I can actually upload all the things I have pinned and create room layouts, experiment with color schemes and spend way too much time.  Darn you internet awesomeness. Users are also able to use photos already uploaded on the site from retailers like DwellStudio, West Elm, CB2 and more.  

I wanted to try making a moodboard for my latest project - our teeny downstairs powder room.  I had a few ideas already and two colors in mind but it was so helpful to actually see them together and discover what worked and what didn't.  Let's just say a pink flamingo watercolor will not be making an appearance, even though prior to creating the board I was convinced it would be perfect.

So without further ado, my first moodboard. 

I wanted to keep with the fun, unfussy aesthetic that runs through the rest of our house but also infuse a little fun girliness too.  I don't know how the horses came into play but I found one that I thought would look cool (the planter - which I am hoping to make myself) and just went with it.

I'm keeping the cost of the whole makeover to $50 (or less) and as of today I have already spent half of that on fabric, wall decor and shipping.  So we'll see what happens.  

The plan is to complete this project by next Friday, so I'll post the before and after photos and then we can see how true I stayed to my moodboard design.

Happy Friday! Pin It


Sandy Weaver said...

Sounds like I need to stay away from the Olioboard. I'm on this computer too much already.
I love your color scheme! I'll be back to see your new room.

lorenabr said...

Cute post!


riorita said...

Olioboard? Going to check it out!

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