January 13, 2012

Pinterest Challenge Friday - A Vintage Doily Runner

As you make have noticed I love all things vintage. So as soon as I saw this pin I was in love.  Then a few months later I saw that my Mom had pinned it too.  Since Christmas was only a few months away I decided I would attempt to recreate this for her as one of her gifts. 

I began scouring eBay and Etsy for pretty white and ecru crocheted doilies.  I wanted to try to mix in a few different shapes instead of just sticking with the round doilies.  Once I gathered up about thirty round, square and a few other random shapes I got to work!

The first thing I did was wash and press all the doilies to make sure they were nice and flat, making them a lot easier to work with.  Next I laid them out on my dining table and moved them around until I came up with a layout that I like.  This took a bit of time.

Then came the tedious part, sewing one doily to another.  I started by threading a needle with white thread and pulling it though the edge of one doily and attaching it to another.  I quickly realized it was easier to pull the thread through and then just knot it a few times instead of trying to actually sew each piece.

After double checking that each doily was attached - usually in two places. I was finished!

The hardest part was trying to package this up for Christmas.  The thread is so delicate that even the slightest pull would break where I had attached it.  So even after carefully folding it up my Mom still ended up having to resew a few spots that had come apart.

Looking forward to seeing how this looks on my parent's dining room table!! Pin It

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