January 3, 2012

A Quick Chandelier Perk Up

So for today's post I decided to focus on the generic gold chandelier that currently hangs over our dining room table. 

As you may remember from this post, I mentioned wanting to make it over and my ideas have ranged from attaching delicate twigs (spray painted cream)around the chain and each "arm" or painting it bright blue and adding a huge drum shade over it.   But since neither of those has happened yet and I thought I would try something a little easier and much less time consuming that required nothing more than a wallpaper sample, scissors and double-sided tape.

This beautiful wallpaper sample  I chose was the perfect size for this little project.
You'll note that I titled this entry a "perk up" and not a makeover because in my mind a makeover implies a pretty big change that you are super happy with  - and while I think the addition of this pretty paper is a step in the right direction this is going to be an ongoing project for me!  Unless, of course I just buy something I love.

I really like how the metallic gold in the pattern plays off the shine of the chandelier.

This was a really easy to do, just measure cut and tape.  It's only a temporary fix and will hopefully inspire me to try something else to make this light fixture a bit more my style.

I'm not an electrician but I an very safety conscious so I was careful to cut the wallpaper so it would not be touching the bulb.  These bulbs are also very low wattage too.

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Gretchen {NewFashionedMom} said...

Very pretty! I like how the gold in the paper matches the metal :)

We live in an apartment and have a huge black drum shade. Black is so not my color so I'm always looking for a way to decorate it without damaging it. I've even added lace around it!

hopeandjoyhome said...

Very cute! I hung old mercury glass style Shiny Brite Christmas ornaments in blues and lime greens off of mine last Christmas and like it so much they stayed! I may make a color swap on the ornaments and add some scrapbook paper or maybe old text to the candles.Hmmmm..

Tricia said...

What a great update for fun lighting! Glad I found you guys via Etsy blog team!



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