January 9, 2012

Wreath Season by Season - Winter Update

Happy Monday All!

So the only thing I dislike more than decorating too early for Christmas is letting Christmas decorations linger too long after the New Year has come and gone.  Anything and everything Christmas related sadly (for Layla at least) came down yesterday. 

But while I making one last ornament "sweep" of the house I discovered that we still had a Christmasy wreath on the door!

In order to remedy this, I gathered up a few painted wood snowflake ornaments that had not been packed away yet and decided that these would be perfect to replace the shiny Christmas balls currently hanging from the wreath.

I choose blue, yellow and red to brighten up the white wreath form and a strand of pinkish orange yarn (left over from Anthropologie's amazing Christmas wrapping) to wind around and replace the green white polka dot washi tape.

A simple, five minute fix!

Winter ready!

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