February 24, 2012

Found Friday - Sarah Jane Studios

Sarah Jane Studios was one of the first shops on Etsy I fell in love with.  Her illustrations of childhood memories and adorable animals always make me smile and wish I had just a smidgen of her talent.

While putting the finishing touches on Hadley's nursery - I keep going back and forth on what I want on the big wall where the dresser/changing table is and the wall behind her crib -  I started looking for a fun print when I stumbled upon this adorable fabric by -- Sarah Jane Studios! 

The line is called Children at Play - and it is so stinkin' cute!!

I bought a yard of the Balloons fabric.   Thinking of making this into a sky full embroidery hoop balloons.

Colors go perfectly with her nursery.

And a yard of the On Parade fabric (below made into an adorable pouf).  I'm planning to cover a painter's canvas with this one and use it as wall art.  Just need to see how the pattern repeats to make sure that will work!

Her designs are selling under the Michael Miller brand and available wherever fabric is sold.

I also noticed in her shop that you can order large format poster prints of most of her illustrations for only $45. 

This one is my favorite and has Layla written all over it:)

This just might end up in our family room!

Have a lovely weekend friends! Pin It


Dalton said...

That pouf pillow you made is just adorable. Did you post about it? I would love to learn more! I've always wanted to make a pillow like that or even a bean bag chair, but fear that it will flatten after just a few good sits on it. Yours looks quite sturdy (and the fabric could really not be any cuter!)

Kendra + Patricia said...

Hi Dalton!
Actually that was just a photo I pulled off the fabric company's website:) It was the best one that showed the fabric fully. I agree though it is pure cuteness!

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