February 23, 2012

Living Room/Kids' Library

Last night, I realized it's been awhile since I posted any photos of our front living room/kid's library and thought it was time to share some of my progress.  If you look back the photos in this post you'll see the room has come a long way since August.

I used the bold colors of the curtain panels as the base for the room, trying to pick up the blues and yellows in the pillows and other accessories.

I love mixing patterns in a room.  The suzani print in the curtains with the chevron in the rug make and the pop of yellow floral in the pillows makes for a happy combination. 

Filling up that curio box with odds and ends is something I am having so much fun doing.

Say something Nice!

The above photo is the wall directly across from the couch (as you may have noticed from the reflection in the mirror) and was the last area I completed.  It's kind of an odd space with the built-in plate shelving there but I really like how it turned out.  Sweet and simple.

After looking at some of these photos it really seems like I have a thing for horses - doesn't it??

Layla loves to sit in the chair with a stack of books and "read".

Above is the reason for the kid's library part of the room. 

I remember when we first looked at this house this custom built plate shelving unit was something I assumed we would get rid of eventually because I couldn't imagine what purpose it would serve.  I considered lining it with frames but knew all too well that picture frames and toddlers don't mix. 

At some point after we moved in I realized Layla had a ton of books that we didn't have space for in her new room and discovered that most of them were the perfect size to fit in the plate nook.  

Once I have Layla and Hadley's new table set up I'll take some better photos of the library and craft area.

Happy Thursday!

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Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Wow, that looks so fabulous! Love it!!!

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