December 23, 2011

Pinterest Challenge Friday - Branch Lamp

My challenge this week involves a vintage lamp, a stencilled shade and lots of twigs and branches.  Sound interesting?  Keep reading!

So you may remember my attempt at stencilling a white shade with a Martha Stewart stencil set I found at Michaels.  It turned out so-so and was one of those things in my house that I would stop, stare at and think - something just isn't right.  I wasn't sure if it was the shade or lamp or just the combination that was driving my design-eye insane but I did know something had to change.

Then I saw this pin and thought I might be able to save the lamp and the shade with a few items from our very own backyard.  So I enlisted the help of Layla, grabbed a basket started gathering lots of fallen branches, twigs and sticks.  Some with bark some without.  Layla had a great time picking out the "pretty" ones and I had so much fun watching her dart from tree to tree for her next discovery.

So here's the lamp before:

Something just wasn't working...

I kept adding sticks (most were the length of the lamp base or longer) into a large rubber band that I had wrapped around the center of the base. Once the base was no longer visible (for the most part) and tied a piece of raffia over the rubber band.


Not a drastic change but really love how something so simple changed the whole look of the lamp and the room!

Have a lovely Christmas!!! See you next week!! Pin It

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