February 22, 2012

Wishlist Wednesday - Household Tips I WISH I had tried sooner

 My plan today was to write a post about lovely items on my guest room wishlist, but I tried a household tip that worked so well, I had to change everything!

step - by- step procedure

Make a paste of baking soda and water, spread over the greasy glass door of an oven, wait 15 minutes, clean with a damp cloth, and WOW!

Then, I started thinking about other tips I have learned over the years...

When I complained about all the streaks on my front door windows, an older neighbor advised me to use newspaper instead of paper towels ~ perfect!

Baby oil is the perfect way to shine up the chrome on faucets ~ simple and safe!

Kendra's sister-in-law told me about using fabric softener sheets to clean the tile in the bathroom ~ it works, and it smells so good.  Thanks, Laura!


Toothpaste can remove scratches from leather ~ just a dab and wipe off with a soft cloth.  Caution: Don't use whitening toothpaste!

My final, and favorite one ~ sucking on marshmallows will actually help soothe a sore throat.  I know that I have seen research on this somewhere... Pin It

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