February 3, 2012

Pinterest Challenge - A Ribbon Fish Hair clip

I have made Layla several hair clips ~ even though I am terrible with a hot glue gun ~ lots of small burns (:

When I saw this ribbon fish, I knew I would have to make it into another clip.
First, I gathered my supplies:

5/8 inch ribbon ~ I was going for a whimsical green and pink fish.
3/8 inch ribbon
glue gun
glue dots
small eye
metal hair clip

I removed the pressure part of the hair clip so that I could cover it with the 3/8 inch ribbon

 Once the ribbon was glued, I returned the pressure piece.

Now for the fish ~ I twisted the ribbon to give the fish a mouth and a tail.  I used the glue dots to keep to keep the mouth from shifting.  Since I was using ribbon with print only on one side, I had to use another dot to keep the ribbon right side up.

I took a small piece of the thinner ribbon and wrapped it around the fold ~ a dot of glue on the back.

Now for the gills, I folded two small sections of the pink ribbon in half, and glued it to the top and bottom of the fish's head.

Time to add the fish to the clip ~ more hot glue to the clip, and attach.

I added the small eye and trimmed the tail (and got rid of the extra glue!)

My fun fish clip ~ can't wait to see how Layla likes it!

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Rose said...

Cute! Hot glue guns are not my forte either.

Lauren said...

Very cute! :)

Hopping over from the Etsy Blog Team!

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