March 30, 2012

Found Friday - Urban Threads

If you like to embroider like I do, I may have found a great new site for you to check out! has collections of designs for machine embroidery and hand embroidery, which are "offbeat, creative, and whimsical."

one of their free designs

Niamh, who calls herself the "Art Director & Evil Genius" and her talented young group of artist offer great tutorials. Here is just a little sample: 

crayon tinting

stitched silhouette

In addition to the designs being fresh and different, each one is available to either hand or machine stitch.


and hand

Their blog: is also filled with great diy ideas.

thread wrapped jewelry
There are so many possibilities ~ I am so ready to explore! 
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Isobel said...

Don't embroider now as much as I once did - toys take up too much time nowadays, but I do embroider on their collars, aprons and dresses when it's applicable!

Just dropped in from the Etsy Blog site - looking for Follwers to my site ( where I post about the plushies I make, mend and otherwise create.

Will be following you from now on: hope you'll return the favour!

Have a great week-end!

Angela @ farragio said...

Great collection, and the "Stud Muffin" piece is just adorable!

SibStudio said...

How cute! I love the little pear. Going to check out their blog now - thanks for posting!

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