June 5, 2012

Memorial Day Yard Sale Finds

Hello All!  Spending Memorial Day weekend at the Jersey Shore has always been a family tradition.  But my Dad and I started a new tradition there two summers ago - hitting the yard sales early Saturday morning.  So I thought I would share a few of my finds.

We actually went to four or five places but I only found things I liked at the last one we stopped at.  After a $50 mistake (a pair of antique chairs I have nowhere to put = huge regret) last summer I'm trying to be smarter and  buy only things I know I can use AND that I like.

An ornate brass mini pitcher, a wooden horse head and a glass dome with wooden stand.

I like all of the above for their price ($1 total) and for their potential.  I'm planning to turn the glass dome into a little terrarium like this and thinking about paint the base black.  The horse head and pitcher will probably get a coat of spray paint as soon as I figure out what room they will go in.

Set of laminated sailing maps.
I got these three maps at the same yard sale and was told by the seller that her dad laminated these maps onto wooden boards so that he could use them on his boat.  I really like the colors, the price ($.75) and that they were of Long Beach Island and surrounding areas.  These have already found a home on the dresser in our guest room which I have decided will have touches of the Hamptons (where Scott grew up) and LBI.

After a couple more trips to the shore this Summer I should (hopefully) have some more finds to share!

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