June 14, 2012

Starting Fresh


Being a stay at home Mom of two wonderful little girls is great and I wouldn't change it for the world...but there are times that while taking good care of them I neglect myself.  I'm sure this sounds pretty familiar to most moms out there but I was at a particularly low point -  drinking at least 4-5 caffeinated drinks a day (including those gross energy drinks) just to keep my energy up.  My eating habits were pretty bad too, pop corn for lunch sure!  Ice cream, chocolate - jelly beans left over from Easter were my go to snacks and sometimes even meal replacements...bad I told you!

So after feeling super unhealthy and run down for way too long I decided to make a few simple changes...and so it began last Monday - my "detox". 
Instead of my morning coffee (which I didn't ever even  drink until after I weened Hadley at 11 months) I started making my own version of the green monster smoothie.  I added blueberries, wheat germ, almond milk and kale to mine.  Then lunch was something easy like Special K Protein Plus cereal made yummier with almond milk, almonds and raspberries.  And finally dinner, I love tofu and have gotten the girls into it too.  So I stir fry extra firm tofu, low sodium soy sauce and a ton of baby spinach..yummmmm!

Hard to make this look good - but it is!!

Cereal and a margarita for lunch! Nope, that's coconut water with lime - delish!

Tofu for dinner!  And yes that is half a lemon in my water!

So far so good,  the first 3 days were hellish and I think I may have taken 100 Advil to deal with the withdrawl headaches.  But once the headaches went away I felt so much better not having to reply on anything for a morning (and afternoon) pick-me-up.  I have been sleeping better too - bonus!

Enjoy your weekend!!!

first photo via Pin It

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