June 15, 2012

Found Friday - Cork & Company

Happy Friday All! 

In honor of Father's Day this weekend, I thought I would honor my Dad and feature his very cool Etsy shop here. 

After my Dad retired from teaching in 2006, he filled most of his days by playing golf.  But during this time he also began to gain an appreciation for wine (thanks to my brother) which also meant he amassed a lot of wine corks. So last year he started making wine cork covered letters for people as gifts.  Everyone loved them, so my Mom and I encouraged him to open his own shop.  I don't think he was so sure about it in the beginning but after seeing how happy my Mom's shop made her he finally gave in and let us set it up for him.

Custom Cork Letter.

Wine Cork Tray.

So right before Christmas he opened Cork & Company.  I helped him by designing his shop's banner and I made up business cards for him as part of his Christmas gift.  And since then he has had steady stream of orders for his custom wine cork letters, trivets and magnets. He has a huge collection of used wine corks (no synthetics here!) from all over the world which makes for a pretty amazing and unique gift - for you or someone else.  He's even had people send him their own corks to mark a special occasion.

Wine Cork Trivet.

I'm very proud of you Dad! Happy Father's Day!!

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memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

How cool that your mom and dad both have shops! I love your dad's work :)

Debbie @ OtRD said...

Such cool shop! Love the banner you made for him too!

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