July 2, 2012

Our Newest Giveaway ~ A Sleepy Giraffe Pillow

To celebrate our 250th post ~ wow, that is hard to believe ~ we are hosting our 4th Giveaway.

A Sleepy Little Giraffe Pillow

Add fun to a child's room with a sleepy giraffe and two whimsical trees from Giggles and Toots!
Soft white chenille could make it the perfect bedtime pillow.  The colors are citron and grey!
The back of the 12" x 16" pillow is grey dotted cotton fabric.

To enter ~ In your comment, please share with us a favorite childhood memory!
Winner will be announced on Tuesday, July 10th!

We would love to have you share our contest on Pinterest, on your blog or on your facebook page ♥

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Janet said...

What a sweet pillow!

My favorite childhood memory is spending hours and hours in a big old willow tree with my sister and our neighbors.

.papergirl said...

So super sweet! Is this contest also for Canada?

Kendra + Patricia said...

Canada is definitely included!!

Evan said...

Very cute. My favorite childhood memory is our annual camping trips to the Trinity Mountains. We would stay on these ugly cabins, but the pool made it worth it!

Coyle Family said...

My favorite childhood memories all belong to our family lake cottage, I miss that place terribly. So many days were spent there playing in the water and skipping stones.

Lori said...

Spending time with my brother and sister at the shore!

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