June 29, 2012

Dandelion Embroidery Hoop - Pinterest Challenge Friday

I felt that I needed a little more color on one of my bookshelves.  One trip to Pinterest ... and I decided that a small embroidery hoop would give me size and color flexibility.  Just a little green and white would be perfect, and I found it with a dainty little dandelion.

The design was purchased here.

Once the emboidery was complete, it was time to finish it neatly.
Since I was using a 6" emboidery hoop for my final display, I used an erasable pen to make a circle on the outside of an 8" hoop.  Better for me to have to cut off extra fabric than to be short!

 circle drawn and cut..

For my hoop back, I drew circles using my 6" hoop on the back of raindrop fabric that I had used for pillows.  This time I drew my circle on the inside of the hoop. I drew the same size circle on double sided adhesive interfacing (this added stiffness), and cut both.

I ironed the backing fabric to the interfacing.

I carefully put the emboidered piece into the hoop and made sure that it was taunt.

I did have extra fabric ~ no problem ~ I could trim it later.

It was time to insert the backing ~ covers up a lot (: 

Now I could trim the extra fabric.

Just perfect with my paint chip artwork and green vase!

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1 comment:

Tisha said...

I'm currently working on an embroidery for myself and have been researching how to make the back look nice. I love your simple, clean-looking fabric placed on the back. Thanks for sharing this tidbit.

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