April 27, 2012

Found Friday - Swanky Swell

I love to buy fabric!  Most of the material is used for my shop, but recently I started looking for perfect patterns for our newly painted bedroom and family room. Luckily in my browsing, I came across Swanky Swell on Etsy. When I saw first saw this Raindrop print, I knew that it would be perfect for pillows.

aren't they great??!!

The color is bright, and the fabric is the highest quality.  My first purchase was such a great experience, I had to buy more.

I used this beautiful mustard fabric to make my first fabric lamp shade.

love the way it turned out!

After two incredible purchases, I had to ask Nina if we could feature her shop on our blog, and I was thrilled when she agreed.  Here is a little about Nina and Swanky Swell and some photos of the lovely fabric available in her store. 

"My background is in interior design. I'm also a LEED Accredited Professional. I used to work for a commercial design firm here in San Francisco Bay Area. I had my daughter, Mila, 2 years ago. I decided to consult and do freelance work after she's born. That way I have more flexibility on my schedule to focus on her. So far being a mom is the most rewarding time of my life.

Swanky Swell was born in May 2009. I'm always passionate about graphic design and textiles and was looking for a creative outlet to combine the two. After a long and thorough research, I found a company in San Francisco who does hand screenprinted fabric. My first collection was screenprinted by hand using non toxic water-based ink on 100% cotton. A year later, I introduced an organic prints collection using certified organic cotton/hemp blend. The organic lines have been doing very well as the demand for eco-friendly materials increases. I'm phasing out my hand printed collection. They are now digitally printed on organic cotton instead.

All of our ground fabrics are OE100 certified and medium-heavy weight that are great for home decor projects.The inks that we print with are water based pigment inks. They are ultra-low VOC, and the printing process uses much less water than traditional rotary screen printing methods. The inks also do not require a chemical pre or post-treatment to set them into the fabric as many ink systems do. We print directly onto unprocessed greige goods and then simply run the fabric through a heat and pressure calendar to permanently set the inks. Because of the print-on-demand technology, it’s possible to print exactly what you need with no fabric waste due to large leads or minimum orders." Pin It

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