April 26, 2012

I Heart Kids' Art

Watching Layla paint or draw or mold things out of Play-Doh is one my favorite things to do.  It just amazes me the things she comes up with and how beautiful they are.  I think the not trying part always makes for the best art.

I was so excited to see these beauties in Layla's backpack after preschool on Monday. 
Planning to frame them.

My good friend Belinda's daughter, Glen Lake, came to Layla's birthday party and gave her such a beautiful gift - a painting she made.  I love that Belinda put it in a frame made especially for showcasing kids' artwork (you can switch out the art easily) although we are planning to keep it just as it is.
Glen Lake's Swans on the Lake hanging in Layla's room.

I don't know if she did it on purpose but the colors match her room perfectly.

Belinda shared a few of Glen Lake's other works of art.  Aren't they gorgeous?!


Red Balloon.

Hadley, Layla and Glen Lake enjoying a swing at the park.

Art is something I hope Layla (and eventually Hadley) will always be interested in.  I know as soon boredom hits and the whining starts in our house I get out the paints or crayons and lots and lots of paper. 

Layla painting a cupcake bank she got for her birthday. 
I had fun painting Layla:)

Happy Thursday All!!

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