August 7, 2012

Open-faced Roasted Tomato and Avocado Sandwich

Two recipes in a row this week!
Kendra used bright strawberries in her muffins yesterday.  And today I am using beautifully ripe tomatoes for an open-faced sandwich that was delicious!

Recipe for 2
1 large tomato, sliced
1 zucchini squash, sliced lengthwise
1 avocado, chopped
pesto (homemade or store bought) or hummus
olive oil

Put the tomatoes and zucchini onto a sheet pan, sprinkle with olive oil.  I added a few leaves of basil to the tops of the tomatoes.  Salt and pepper to taste.
Bake at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes.

Toast bread and cut off the crust.
Top with pesto, avocado, and zucchini.


Place the tomato slices on top and add fresh basil leaves.


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